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Lighthouse Keepers

We worked with Sian and Simon to do a play in a day of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.


For our challenge homework we made lighthouses with working lights and explained to the class what we knew about lighthouses.


The Three Little Pigs
Our main topic this half term has been The Three Little Pigs. We built a den for the three pigs in our classroom but the Big Bad Wolf came and destroyed it. The pigs were missing and we had to investigate the crime!

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns, sang songs, made stir fry and ate it with chopsticks. We even learnt some Chinese words and letters. Gung hay fat choy!


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This half term started with us role-playing a ship wreck. We imagined what it must have felt like on board a ship during a storm. We used our senses to think about what it looked like, smelt like and sounded like. We listened to stormy music and looked at some famous art work about storms and ship wrecks.

We read ‘The Sea is a Hungry Dog’ and magpied lots of words. Then we read lots of other famous poems about storms and the sea to borrow words and phrases from there too.

Year 1 H


We then read ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and talked about why we need Lighthouses. We did lots of research about lighthouses and where they are. We also found out about the human and physical features of the coast.

Y1 2



We worked with two artists to put together a ‘Play in a day’. We wrote invitations to our parents and to some of our friends in Year 2.


We looked at how to make a healthy lunch for the lighthouse keeper and designed our own healthy sandwich. We had our parents in one morning to help us make a healthy packed lunch. We saw lots of healthy alternatives to crisps and chocolate biscuits.


Half way through the half term we had STEM festival. We enjoyed making ice melt and making rafts.



At the very end of the half term we spent a week looking at the Easter story. We did some writing about the Easter story and used our ICT skills to help find information on Espresso.


At the end of the half term we evaluated what we had learnt.


This half term we’ve been enjoying being detectives. It all started when we received a letter from the three little pigs. Their house had been flooded and they needed our help to build them a den.

Year 1


Then we came back after the weekend to find a crime scene. Someone had been in over the weekend and destroyed the den. We had to look at all the clues and solve the mystery.

Year 1 half term 3

We narrowed the clues down and discovered the culprit was in fact the Big Bad Wolf. We did all sorts of writing including a character description, a Wanted poster, a newspaper article and a police interview.


This half term literally started with a bang. The banging sounds of fireworks on our MUGA. We enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and did some lovely writing to retell the story. We also did some firework pictures inspired by Jackson Pollock.

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