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Our visitor brought in his huskies and a malamute. These are dogs adapted to live and work in the polar climate. We learned lots of interesting information – they would happily run 100 miles a day.

We have been working on our calculation skills this half term. Here are some examples of how we multiply and divide.

Museum of Untold Stories

Our visitors from the Museum of Untold Stories helped us to create fantastic tales for objects that had lost their own stories.

We looked at work by famous landscape artists John Constable and L.S. Lowry. We tried to recreate their pictures using oil pastels and charcoal.


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in, and exploration of, the Polar Regions. They researched the animals living at both Poles, learned about the daring expeditions undertaken by Scott and Shackleton and were delighted to meet a Husky and a Malamute. They thought of really interesting questions to ask and found out how these dogs are adapted to life in the freezing climate of the Polar Regions.



Year 3 have focused hard on their handwriting and have made great progress at joining their handwriting in everything we do. The children have really enjoyed improving the presentation of their work and the staff are getting better too!

We are still working on calculation methods and the children have now completed all 4 number operations. We will work on these throughout the year and have been very practical this term. They have impressed us immensely.

Before half term we completed our work looking at the artist Henri Matisse. He was a famous French artist who continued to work even when he was very sick. He could no longer paint but used scissors to cut out shapes. His pictures were very big. We made art in the same style and here are some of our examples:

pic 5pic 4


He also drew his grandchildren’s faces on the ceiling to make him happy as he fell asleep. We tried to do this too and discovered how hard it was! Have a look at our attempts:

pic 8 pic 7





Half Term 1 Update for Year 3

We have had a great start to the year. Everyone returned to school looking ready and refreshed after their summer break. Everybody was buzzing and excited about the new challenges, especially about going swimming.

The children have been exceptionally well behaved on our trips to Richard Dunn and have thoroughly enjoyed beginning their journey towards swimming and water safety. They have shown great determination and not been at all nervous. The staff at the swimming pool are always saying how good our pupils are, which is lovely to hear each week.

We began our English activities this year with the book ‘Stone Soup’. It was a surprise to find the characters making soup using a stone but we soon found out there was more to the story than that! The children learned and acted out the story and adapted it to create their own text in the same style. Later in the term, we will be creating our own recipes for soup and trying to make them. Hopefully, no stones though!

In maths we are well on with tackling new ways to add and subtract that will help when we try to record by the end of the year. The children are really enjoying the practical maths and have taken on the new methods brilliantly.

Year 3 Team