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Environmentalism, Water Hygiene & Sanitation

This half term Year 6 have been learning about environmentalism, water hygiene and sanitation. We started by considering why saving water is important and the impact this can have on ourselves and others, we then moved on to learning about how the water cycle works.

After this we were well prepared for our day out at Headingley Water Treatment works, we learnt about how the machinery works and the process the water goes through before it reaches our taps. We found out about all the disgusting things that have to be filtered from our water before it’s safe for us to consume. We were also lucky enough to spend some time exploring the beautiful Meanwood Park.

After this we were inspired to do further research, we researched a charity called Water Aid and found some astonishing facts about how many people aren’t as fortunate as us and don’t have access to clean and safe water. We were visited by two dedicated workers from the charity who spent time explaining to us further how Water Aid help in countries such as, Pakistan.

We finished our half term by beginning to consider the impacts of writing a persuasive letter to business owners informing them of the work Water Aid does and how they can help.


1. We researched the 6 main Biomes.

  • Deser
  • Tropical Savannah
  • Temperate Deciduous Forest
  • Rainforest
  • Taiga
  • Tundra

2. We choose to become an expert in one of the Biomes.

2. We collected any resources that we needed.

4. From this …………  To this!



This half term Year 6 have been working incredibly hard in order to be ready for their SATs tests. They took tests in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. They’re the first year group to be tested under the new curriculum and we’re all really proud of their hard work. However, it’s not all ben about tests this half term. We are in the final planning stages for our Year 6 camping trip to Blackhills where the children will have the opportunity to sleep under the stars, take part in archery and take on the challenge of the high ropes!


This half term, our topic has been Environmentalism. We started the term by thinking about why saving water was important and learned about how the water cycle works. We then enjoyed a day out at Yorkshire Water Treatment Works and spent some time walking around the beautiful Meanwood Park. We learnt about how Yorkshire Water processes huge amounts of water every day and realised how lucky we are to have clean flowing water coming into our homes. We finished the term by looking into the litter problem in our own community and wrote some letters to local businesses encouraging them to help in sorting this problem out.

Year 3



Year 6 ended a busy first half term with a fantastic trip to the National Media Museum. The purpose of the trip was for us to begin to look at the topic ‘Light and Shadow.’ Since returning from the half term holidays, Year 6 have had wonderful conversations about what they have learnt from the visit which was then written up in a non-chronological report. It has been great to read the interesting information that was learnt and remembered!


It’s been a typically busy start to the year in Year 6! Our topic is ‘All about us’ so we began by learning all about each other in a variety of  ways. One  way was to draw a self-portrait using half a photo of ourselves. The children have produced some really good results  and their work is now on display in class. Next time you’re in school come and have a look. We then used the story The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis as a stimulus for our own writing. We began by using the way this great author describes in his writing to write our own description and then wrote part of our very own fantasy story built on the ideas in the book (see example below). The children are really enjoying this text and we eagerly await the next adventures of Polly and Digory!

We have just begun learning all about the terrible events of the local Newlands Mill disaster of 1882 and we are going on a tour of the local area later this week to find out some more information about the community of West Bowling. We look forward to updating on what we find out!

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Congratulations to all children on a year of excellent progress in their learning. We hope you feel proud of what you have achieved. The teaching team thanks you all for your hard work and wishes you every success in your future goals and dreams. We have really enjoyed working with you and watching you grow into young adults. Now go and be the best that you can be!