These definitions are intended to help adults and children at Newby to explore the meaning of British Values and how they might apply to everyday school life.


We all have a say and a voice. We create change for the better through working together and talking about what we want to achieve together. We look after those who are in a minority because this is the right thing to do.

Individual Liberty:

We know our human rights and freedoms and can use our rights and responsibilities in school life, outside or at home. We know that we can question what we are told in a respectful way. It is important to have the freedom to hold an opinion even if others disagree with it.

Rule of Law:

We are law abiding citizens. We respect the rules of school and laws in society. We know that laws are for everyone. Laws help to keep us safe and protect people.

Mutual Respect and Acceptance:

Together we are one community. Through our respect and understanding of one another we will find a positive way to live in peace because we care.