Message from the Head

As we near the end of winter, there is still time for snow! If there is snow and we can’t open, we will text you, as well as add our closure to Bradford Schools Online and add to our facebook & twitter pages. Please check.

Half term Celebration assemblies this week are:

KS2 2.30pm Thu 13th Feb

KS1 and Reception 2.30pm Fri 14th Feb

All parents are welcome


School Office and Appointments in school time

Please can all families try to avoid any appointments in school time. If appointments, such as medical or dental have to be in school time, parents must give the school office a copy of the appointment or letter for attendance purposes.

Please note that there is a change in the office opening time to 7.45am from after the half term holiday


Dates for your Diary

11.3.20 Year 6 to Water Treatment works

19.3.20 Year 4 to Leeds City Museum

24.3.20 & 25.3.20 Year 3 residential to Anglesey

25.3.20 Nursery to ‘The Gruffalo experience’

26.3.20 Year 2 to Doe Park


Trips & Visits

As you will see and read on the news, schools are really struggling financially as costs go up but our income stays the same.

We plan educational trips and visits, in and out of school, to enhance your children’s experiences and add to their learning.

As contributions are voluntary, we are now at the stage that these trips and visits may need to be cancelled due to insufficient contributions. Other than residentials, all our trips never cost more than £10 and school makes no profit at all. Please can we encourage as many of you as possible to make these contributions to ensure our children have the best experiences.

Thank you



Thank you to all of you who come to school on time every day. Our doors close at 9am.

When Ofsted next visit our school, they check the late registers and this can affect what grade we get!



Half term holiday next week

We break up this Friday 14th Feb and return on Tuesday 25th February.

Have a fabulous holiday.


Relationship Education

Parent Sessions to look at resources for the new relationship’s curriculum will be held in the Community Room on:

Current Year 2 & Year 3 parents: 3.3.20 1.15pm – 3.15pm

Current Year 4 & Year 5 parents: 17.3.20 1.15pm- 3.15pm

Current Reception & Year 1 parents: 31.3.20 1.15pm- 3.15pm

Please reply to attached letter if you wish to attend.


Healthy Lunchboxes

We all want our children to be healthy and happy. We know that sometime is a hard balance! Most children prefer ‘unhealthy’ food options! If your child has a packed lunch, please try to keep this healthy.

What to put in a lunchbox?

Sandwich: cheese, tuna, egg, or meat. Add some salad, a piece of fruit, a packet of crisps / or mini cheddars, cheese string, small yogurt. An alternative would be crackers and cheese instead of a sandwich or maybe pasta. No drinks are needed as every child has a glass of water available to them at lunch.

No chocolate or sweets please.