YearHalf term 1Half term 2Half term 3Half term 4Half term 5Half term 6
Year 1Games – Focus on:Using a large ballThrowing/catching

Aiming games
Dance – The Magic Toys

Games – StrikingTri GolfDance –ZumbatomicsGames – Focus on:Bat/ball skills and gamesSkippingGames – Focus on:Developing partner work
Year 2Gymnastics(with small and large apparatus)Travelling

Changing direction
Dance – ChristmasGames – StrikingTri GolfGames – Focus on:Throwing/catching Inventing individual gamesGames – Focus on:Making up games with a partner Aiming/hitting/kickingGames – Focus on:Dribbling/hitting/Kicking

Group games and inventing rules
Year 3Games – Focus on:Ball skills Passing/receivingSports Hall AthleticsGames – StrikingTri GolfGames – StrikingTri Golf

Dance –Zumbatomics
GymnasticsGames –Net/court games
Year 4Games – Net/Wall Tennis and Badminton

Sports Hall Athletics

Dance - Tudor

Games – StrikingTri Golf

Games –Striking/fielding

Dance –Zumbatomics


Games –

Year 5Games – InvasionBull Tag

Dance –


Sports Hall Athletics

Games -Striking and Fielding

Games -Net/wall

Year 6Games – Invasion Hockey and Football

Dance – A Christmas Carol/Cinderella (Northern Ballet)
Sports Hall Athletics

Dance – A Christmas Carol/Cinderella (Northern Ballet)HAKA!
Gymnastics – 6G

Games – StrikingTri Golf – 6B/6Y
Gymnastics – 6B/6Y

Games – StrikingTri Golf – 6G
Games – Invasion

High 5 Netball
Games – Striking and fielding Cricket and RoundersGames – Net/court
Tennis and Badmington

Half Term 5

U11 High 5 Open Netball League

The netball team attended the league up at Tong High School last night.  It was a mixed team of girls and boys and they were very excited.  The team played five games in their pool and the results were as follows:

Newby  0        Ryecroft  3

Newby  2        St John’s  1

Newby  0        East Bierley  0

Newby  0        Bowling Park  0

Newby  0        St Stephen’s  3

We came third in the pool but unfortunately, didn’t progress through to the final.

Well done to the team.

KS 1Tri Golf Competition

A team of 10 children from Year 2 recently took part in the KS1 Tri Golf Competition at Tong High School after it was originally cancelled due to heavy snow, way back in February.

The team participated in many different games and came a respective 9th out of 13 teams.  Not only did the children enjoy the competition, but they made our school proud due to their excellent behaviour and demonstration of fair play.


Half Term 4

I would like to congratulate the eight children from KS1 who took part in the KS1 Sportsability Competition at Tong High School recently.  As well as proving to be fantastic ambassadors for Newby Primary School, they achieved 3rd place and a much deserved bronze medal.  An extra special congratulations goes to Rhys Athorn in Year 2 for winning an additional medal in the ‘balance’ competition.  Rhys was able to hold his balance longer than any other competitor and so became the ‘champion’ of that discipline.

Half Term 3

During half term 3, the Years 5&6 basketball teams took part in the U11s Basketball League at Tong High School.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’m pleased to say that the girls came 4th in their pool whilst the boys progressed through to the finals, eventually gaining 5th place.

Girl’s U9 Football League – Thursday 1st October 2015

The girls were very nervous but excited about taking part in the Girl’s U9 football league at Tong High School last week.

Our first game was very exciting with many attempts made at scoring a goal.  Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find the back of the net.  We only played two more games that night as one of the teams had pulled out of the league.  The results are as follows:

Newby   0          Newhall Park (A Team)   0

Newby   0          Woodside                          2

Newby   0          All Saints (A Team)           0

Our next league night is Thursday 8th October at Tong High School.  We commence play at 3.30 pm and finish at approximately 4.45 pm.  All spectators are very welcome.

Girl’s U9 Football League – Thursday 8th October 2015

This was the last night of the league for the girls.  The team played five final matches with Victory, our goal keeper, making some fantastic saves.  The rest of the team were tight, passing and defending well, especially Amirah who scored all the goals.  The results are as follows:

Newby   0   St Stephen’s            0

Newby   1   Ryecroft (B team)   0

Newby   0   Thornbury               2

Newby   1   Knowleswood         0

Newby   1   Ryecroft (A team)   0

Watch this space to find out what position we came in the league!

Boy’s U9 Football League – Monday 5th October 2015

The Boy’s U9 football team returned to Tong High School last Monday evening to compete in the league again.  We played four games that night displaying some very fancy footwork, excellent attacking with a very competent defence.  The results are as follows:

Newby   1         Bankfoot                                      0

Newby   4         Bradford Academy (A Team)   0

Newby   1         St Stephens                                 1

Newby   1         Thornbury                                   1

Our next league night is Monday 12th October at Tong High School.  We commence play at approximately 4.00 pm and finish at approximately 4.30 pm.

Boys U9 Football League – Monday 12th October 2015

This was the final night for the boys U9 football league and what a night to remember!  The team narrowly lost the first game but scored goal after goal after goal in the following two matches with Ibrahim scoring a hat-trick.  The results are as follows:

Newby   1     St Anthony’s             2

Newby   6     Ryecroft (Team A)   1

Newby   3     Ryecroft (Team B)   0


Watch this space to find out what position the team came in the league!


The U9s boy’s football team kicked off the league at Tong High School yesterday evening with the following results:

Newby 0   Woodside 1football 3

Newby 0   Newhall Park A team 0

Newby 1   Bowling Park 0

Newby 0   All Saints B team 0

Newby 0   Newhall Park B team 0

Newby 1   Hollingwood 0

Newby 3   Knowleswood 0

Newby 0   All Saints A team 0

The goal scorers were; Maher Ali in Year 3, Jawad Hussain, Elyazan Bashar and Mohammed Ibrahim from Year 4.

All the boys played well and I am extremely proud to say that their behaviour both on and off the pitch was excellent.

The next league night will be on Monday 2nd October at Tong High School with matches commencing at 3.30 pm and finishing at 5.30 pm.  Please feel free to come along and cheer the team on.