Our Learning

At Newby, children enjoy the richness of their learning. Not only will pupils learn different things, but they will learn in many different ways: out-of-doors, through play, in small groups, through art, music and sport, from each other, from adults other than teachers, before school, after school, with their parents and grandparents, formally and informally, and by listening, watching and doing.

Welcome to Newby

To help each child to find and develop their whole potential in order to become fulfilled and responsible members of society in every aspect of their lives. Click the below link to read the full welcome message from our Headteacher.

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Our Staff

Parents say Staff at Newby give 101% to the school. They are always friendly, approachable and helpful. Newby is more like a small community that has a fantastic support network for children and their families. It always encourages everyone to do their best in school, whether, it is in class learning or doing fun things.

Our Staff

Clubs & Activities

The school provides for an ever-increasing range of extended schools clubs and activities including opportunities for pupils to take part in residential visits. We offer a range of activities during lunchtime, after school and during school holidays to extend and support Newby pupils. Details of activities currently running can be obtained from the school office.