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In 2016 – 2017, school received £9,790. Click here to see how the funding was spent and the effect of the premium on pupils’ P.E and sport participation and attainment.

In 2017 – 2018, amount of funding received will be £19,630. Click here for a full breakdown of how the funding will be spent.

There has been a long term strategy to ensure that the improvements are sustainable. Some of those have been:trophies

  • the appointment of a skilled P.E and sports co-ordinator who has written medium term planning ensuring continuity and progression of skills
  • upskilling staff in school through shared teaching with the P.E and sports co-ordinator
  • the purchase of equipment in Early Years to ensure an improvement in the physical development of the youngest pupils
  • moving swimming tuition from Year 5 to Year 3 to ensure younger children in school have the opportunity to learn to swim
  • expanding the range of clubs, competitions and sporting opportunities to interest a wider number of pupils e.g. golf, ballet and girls football