Newby Primary School – Action Plan for P.E. and Sport Premium Funding 2017 to 2018

Amount received for 2017 to 2018 is £19, 630    

The PE and Sport Premium Funding provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, will be used to improve the provision of P.E. and school sport.

ObjectiveActionTimeSuccess CriteriaCostMonitoring and
Impact on pupils’ P.E. and Sport Participation
To pay an enhanced allowance to a skilled teacher as TLR to:

Lead on the teaching and learning of P.E. in school.

Lead on and monitor the impact of actions identified in the action plan below.
Appoint skilled practitioner.
Produce action plan with Head teacher.

Carry out a staff audit of skills and knowledge. Provide CPD.

Monitor planning and teaching of P.E. and report to Curriculum AHT.

Carry out actions on action plan and evaluate impact.
Sessions as needed to share, teach and plan sessions.Success criteria from areas of action plan have impact as outlined.£2000Head teacher to meet with skilled practitioner termly to evaluate action plan and adjust targets as necessary.
To maintain participation in inter-school sport competitions at level 2 and above.To buy into the ‘Accelerate Enterprise’ programme based at Tong High School. The enterprise offers a sustainable sporting framework for primary schools across Bradford, including a full programme of inter-school competitions throughout the year.Sept 2017 to July 2018Registers of children participating in inter-school sport competitions to be kept and an increase in competitions and leagues entered.£1100

Travel costs to and from the competitions:


Staffing costs:

The TLR teacher for P.E to organise the teams for entry into the competitions and to complete the participation registers.2016/17 – KS2 Leagues
· U9 Open Football

· U11 Open Football

· U11 Girl’s Football


·U9 Girl’s Football

·U9 Open Cricket

· U11 Girl’s Cricket

·U11 Open Cricket


·Years 3&4 Cross Country

·KS2 Tri-Golf

· U11 Open Rounders

·U11 Open Basketball

· Years 5&6 Cross Country

·U11 Sportshall Athletics

2017/18 KS2


To move ELG for Physical Development in Early Years closer to national average.To develop the outdoor play area in the EYFS playground.Commence in Sept’17£5000TRL teacher for P.E. to meet termly with AHT to evaluate action plan and adjust as necessary.2015/16 – 85%

2016/17 – 86.4%

2017/18 –
To change behaviours relating to key health outcomes, including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health.

To establish a habit of regular participation in sports and being active.

To develop a sense of belonging and increase confidence.
To increase the number of after-school sports clubs for girls and boys in Key Stages 1 and 2, offering a greater variety.
To employ sports coaches to run the following clubs:

·Years 1 Multi-skills Club

·Year 2 Multi-skills Club

·Years 1 and 2

Learn to cycle

·Years 3&4 Cricket Club

·Years 3&4 Football Club

·Years 5&6 Cricket Club

·Years 5&6 Tag Rugby Club

·Years 5&6 Football Club

·Years 5&6 Basketball Club

·Years 5&6

Health and Fitness Club

School staff to run the clubs.

·Years ,5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics Club

·Years 5 and 6

Hi 5 Netball

·Years 4

Running |Club

·Year 5

Running club

·Year 6

Running club

·Years 5 and 6


·Years 5 and 6

Keep Fit

To buy a set of bicycles and helmets
·Feb’18 to July’18

·Sept’17 to Feb’18

·Nov’17 to April’18

·Sept’17 to Feb’18

·Sept’17 to July’18

·Feb’17 to July’18

·Jan’18 to April’18

·Sept’ 17 to July’ 18

·Jan’18 to April’18

·Sept’17 to July ‘18

·Sept’ 17 to Dec’17

·Jan’ 18 to April’ 18

·Sept’17 to July’18

·Sept’17 to July’18

·Sept’17 to July’18

·April’ 18 to July’18

·Nov’ 17 to July’ 18
To have an increase in the number of children attending a sports club per week.

A higher number of children taking part in a level 2 competition.

To reduce Year 6 pupils overweight or obese from 44.7% closer to National Average of 34% or Bradford average of 36%
£30 per session


No charge

Club registers kept.

The TLR teacher for P.E to observe the clubs half termly in order to ensure quality coaching and the children’s enjoyment.
2016/17 – 16 clubs

2017/18 –
To improve language and communication skills.

To improve social skills and relationships with peers.
To purchase a ‘team building and outdoor education package’ that has been proven successful in other schools.

To provide CPD to staff on how to use the equipment.
Sept’17£565TLR skilled practitioner to meet with class teachers termly in order to assess impact.
Year 5 children to participate in the Northern Ballet’s START project in order to experience a ‘ballet’ and a visit to the theatre.Two, half-day dance workshops that will be held in school and led by a Northern Ballet dance artist and pianist. The workshop is based on The Little Mermaid.

A theatre trip to the Leeds Grand Theatre to see Northern Ballet’s production of The Little Mermaid.

Two, half-day dance workshops that will be held in school and led by a Northern Ballet dance artist and pianist. The workshops are based on Jane Eyre.

A theatre trip to the Leeds Grand Theatre to see Northern Ballet’s production of Jane Eyre.
December 2017 and
March 2018
To visit two theatres and to take part in high quality dance activities.£720
(£12.00 per child)
The TLR teacher for P.E. and the class teachers to monitor and evaluate the success of the project using a ‘hands up survey’, discussions with the children and observations both at the beginning of the project and at the end.
To purchase P.E. equipment and storage containers.The TLR teacher for P.E. to carry out audits and to purchase necessary equipment as and when required for P.E. and sport.On-going throughout the year.Footballs, skipping ropes, training vests, ball bags, rounder’s bats, rounder’s posts, junior triple jump, vertical jump tip 2 tip,
tennis balls, training ladders,storage boxes.

To provide an active and creative playground for Key Stages 1 and 2.To purchase equipment that actively encourages children to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences and develop their capacities.£60
To ensure skilled practitioner is aware of national policy updates for P.E. and school sport.Skilled practitioner to attend the Bradford P.E. Conference.

Skilled practitioner to cascade any new information to all teaching staff.