If, as a parent of a pupil attending Newby Primary, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.

Equal Access

At Newby we believe all children should have access to the curriculum, whatever their sex, religion, race, culture, special needs or circumstances. We ensure children have access to the full range of opportunities by offering a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to the needs of each individual child and reflecting the world in which we live.

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Equal Opportunities

Bradford has declared a commitment to equal opportunities and believes that schools play a vital part in this process. We support these views and aim to provide an environment which will prepare our children for life in today’s multi-cultural society. At Newby we actively discourage discrimination of any kind.

Your child will be encouraged to understand that behaviour that goes against this policy is totally unacceptable in school. It is dealt with by all staff, and is referred to a senior teacher.

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Promoting Equalities: Annual Report 2016
The school has sought to promote equalities by celebrating diversity, making central to the curriculum the skills of listening respectfully and valuing the views of others, and working closely with parents and Governors to recognise and reflect cultural and spiritual priorities.Among the achievements this year have been :
  • Extensive training for staff in the principles of Talk for Learning, and its widespread use as an integral component of everyday classroom practice;
  • the establishment of Friday prayers for pupils and staff in school;
  • a new policy to ensure that all trips and visits are risk-assessed for cultural and religious sensitivity;
  • modification of site security arrangements to take account of disability and mobility concerns;
  • the establishment of a comprehensive student voice consultation to supplement School Council work;
  • a system put in place to ensure that whenever any school policy is agreed or updated, its impact on equalities is considered;
  • equalities issues considered at every Leadership Team meeting as a standing agenda item;
  • the introduction of questions into parent and staff feedback forms which specifically address equality and disability.

Please click here for more information – Promoting Equalities 2019

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Ibrahim-Runner-upAs part of pupils’ curriculum entitlement and the development of ICT skills, Newby provides supervised access to the Internet, including e-mail.

We have an e-safety policy which all children are taught to follow. This is currently under review. Please contact the Office for information about the current practice. This ensures your child’s safety when accessing the Internet. Our access provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials and we ensure that a responsible adult always supervises access.

Please click here to read the e-Safeguaring Policy.

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Extended Schools Provision

The school provides for an ever-increasing range of extended schools clubs and activities including opportunities for pupils toplayground
take part in residential visits.

In the past there have been visits to areas of interest in the locality and further afield; some have been for children and teachers only, others for families and children. We offer a range of activities during lunchtime, after school and during school holidays to extend and support Newby pupils. Details of activities currently running can be obtained from the school office

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GDPR Policy

Newby Primary School is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses the personal data of its workforce, pupils, parents and others.  The personal data we hold is subject to certain legal safeguards specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018 and other regulations pertaining to Data Protection.  To read out Data Protection Policy click here.  To read the Pupil Privacy notice click here.


Both the Pupil Privacy notice and the GDPR policy are attached below –

Privacy Statement

GDPR Policy

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Please inform us of the reason for your child’s absence from school. This will allow us to keep track of the illnesses which are thermometer-sweating1circulating within schools and help us identify any opportunities to prevent them from spreading further. Please telephone 01274 772208 or call in as soon as possible. Out of school hours, a message can be left on the automated switchboard.

Click here to read the ‘Your Child’s Health’ brochure.

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Items in School

It is school policy that children do not generally bring items to school, as it is possible that they may get lost, stolen or broken. If on occasions teachers request that specific items are brought to show in class or assembly, or for a display, the teacher will take responsibility for them. Anything not requested cannot be the responsibility of the school.

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Medicines in School

At Newby, we have two named Health Care Officers, Julia Smith and Ayisha Pandor, and a School Nurse who will be happy to discuss any medical issues you may have.

We are unable to give to children, or allow them to take themselves, any form of medication other than that prescribed by a doctor and then only if it is unavoidable that it is taken during the school day.

If your child is asthmatic, please contact the school office. Staff will be happy to take details and arrange storage of your son or daughter’s inhaler. If your child has any other specific long-term illness for which medication is required, please contact the Headteacher.

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Safety in School

Pupils say that they feel exceptionally safe in school. ~ Pupil voice interview April 2017

The school takes its responsibility for Health and Safety very seriously and has made the buildings and grounds a safe and secure environment for your child. All doors leading into school are open only for the minimum of time each day. Children are reminded that they must not under any circumstances open any doors to anyone. When the children are outside at break times we make sure that there are several staff on duty to oversee this. In addition, there is always a first aider on duty.

Regular checks are made to ensure that the school complies with Health and Safety Regulations and high standards are maintained.

Parents with worries about their child’s progress should contact the class teacher in the first instance who will arrange a meeting with Andrew Ramsden if extra advice and support is required. Interpreters will always be provided where necessary.

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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEN)

As a whole school, we believe in working together and in working hard to ensure that every child will achieve his or her full potential. We recognise that each child brings an individual set of abilities to school and needs an environment in which these can be fostered and grow.

Parents will be contacted by school to discuss individual needs and the support that is available to meet those needs. Some children require extra help, and our aim is to make sure that more help they need, they more help they get. This is called a ‘graduated approach’. Help comes in a variety of forms. Sometimes, it is having attention from an extra teacher; sometimes, it is having a Learning Assistant to support work or deliver an intervention.Other forms of additional help include detailed assessment, differentiated planning, working in pairs or small groups, or doing slightly different things in a slightly different way.

If difficulties persist or are particularly complex, the school’s SEN co-ordinator, external agencies and specialists are increasingly involved in supporting the child and family. This all helps to ensure that that the greater the difficulty, the more support a child will have.

Click here to see the full School Offer for SEN.

Details of the Local Authority’s own Local Offer can be found at https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/local-offer

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Co-ordinator at Newby is Jodie Hull. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of SEN provision in school. She acts as the link between external agencies and school, and ensures that provision is made to enable an appropriate response to be made to address children’s needs, allocate support and promote staff training and development.

For an up-to-date copy of the full policy, please see the SENCo Jodie Hull. Further information about Special Educational Needs at Newby can be found here –  SEN Information

This contains information that the school is required to publish on its website to comply with Section 65 of the Children and Families Act (2014).As always, if you have any concerns about your child, please see the class teacher in the first instance.

Click here to read the SEND policy.

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