Sports Day


We had a fantastic day on Sports’ Day.  The sun shone and the children did themselves proud.  They particularly enjoyed the opportunities to squirt water…and be squirted!  It certainly helped us to keep cool.  Well done to the winning teams.

Play in a Day

After a long wait, we finally managed to perform our Play in a Day.  The children were amazing – learning, practising and performing the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch in just one day.

Voyage to America

At the beginning of the half term we went on a voyage to America, but unfortunately we encountered a storm. The children wrote a poem about the weather they experienced on the trip.


This half terms project was to find out what they could about lighthouses! These are some of the models that the children made at home.

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Three Little Pigs

At the beginning of this half term, someone came into school and destroyed the den we had made for the three Little Pigs.  We had to work together and follow clues to try and find out who the culprit was.

Bradford Industrial Museum

At the end of this half term, we had a fantastic day at Bradford Industrial Museum.  We loved looking through the windows at houses through the ages.  The potty under the bed was a great talking point.  We loved all the different old cars.  We had an excellent time talking about and playing with toys, thinking about how we knew whether they were old or new.

The Owl Babies

We enjoyed watching Sian and Simon’s performance of The Owl Babies.  In the afternoon we used our imaginations to make characters from things we could find in the classroom.  Then we revisited the Owl Babies’ woods and used our senses to find out what was there.  We could see animal silhouettes, we tasted woodland fruits, we smelled flowers, we touched and described woodland objects and we listened to Simon’s song.  Then we all joined in.  We had a really fantastic day.

Our Bodies & Our Senses

We have been learning all about us this half term – about our bodies and our senses.  We drew around a friend and then labelled as many body parts as we could – both those we could see and those that we knew were inside our bodies.  We have investigated all our senses too – sorting objects using only our eyes, seeing what made the school bell louder and quieter, guessing what was inside a bag by feeling, making smelly playdough and trying to tell what something tasted of without seeing it.

Remembrance Day

It was Remembrance Day in November.  We learned about why we wear poppies, who makes them and who the charity supports.  One of our challenges was to make a poppy.  Some children chose lego and came up with some fanstastic designs.  Others used paint and markers to turn the bottom of a plastic bottle into poppies.



This term we’ve learned about weather and hot and cold places.  We were all very excited by our ‘flight’ to Marrakech, where we rode on camels, tasted local food, met Mr Berber in his tent and even had our photograph taken with a camel (against a green screen).

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