Kensuke’s Kingdom

This half term Year 2 have been reading a class text called ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. We have been thinking carefully about what life on a desert island would have been like for Michael (a character from the story) and how different it would have been from the United Kingdom and from our way of life. To explore this further, we visited Doe Park Water Activity Centre. While we were there we thought about lots of the challenges Michael would have faced on the desert island. We built a shelter using tarpaulins and natural materials so we would have a safe, dry place to sleep and we even made a fire using dry wood, a flint and cotton wool. When we had started the fire, we boiled some water in a volcano kettle to make our own hot chocolate drinks and tried to make smoke signals to the boats passing. After that, we went for a hike around the countryside using a map to find our way, just like Michael. Finally, we went in canoes on the reservoir and pretended we were the people sailing past the island, listening carefully and looking out for the smoke signals we might see.

As well as our fantastic trip, we have also been thinking about Kensuke’s Kingdom in our geography. We have compared the natural and man-made geographical features of the United Kingdom and a small, tropical island. The children have really enjoyed developing their atlas skills to find lots of different places around the world.

Victorian Times

This half term Year 2 have been learning about life in the Victorian times, focusing inparticularly on the lives of children and the jobs they would have had to do. To find out even more, we visited the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield. We did lots of different things, including meeting the pit ponies and finding out what sorts of jobs they would have done in the coal mines. A lady called Sally told us about what it would have been like to be five years old and working in a mill. We also went underground into a real coal mine!


L.S. Lowry

This half term in art we have been learning about the artist L.S. Lowry. We spent some time looking at his work and the style and features that he uses. We had a go at creating our own Lowry style line drawings using different mediums such as chalk and charcoal.


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Our Local Area

Year 2 have been learning about how our local area has changed since our Parents and Grandparents have lived here.


Year 2 have also been learning about our emotions and how we can talk about our emotions. Each morning we work in collaboration groups to talk about how we are feeling and how we are going to start the day ahead. We also talked about changes and how change makes us feel. We linked this in to talking about how we have changed and how we are going to change as we grow older.


DT – Strong Structures

In DT we have been learning about strong structures. We had a lot of fun using sweets and cocktail sticks to investigate. At first we all made square and rectangular shapes. However, we soon learnt that by putting a diagonal stick between two corners, the structure would be much stronger. We used our knowledge of strong structures to help build some model houses. We needed to build houses to replace the ones burnt down during the Great Fire of London.


Samuel Pepys

This half term started with a visit from Samuel Pepys, a man who wrote a diary in 1666. At first we weren’t sure why he had come to school. However, we quickly learnt that he had come to tell us about the Great Fire of London. We have had a lot of fun learning about how the fire spread. We’ve had lots of fun burning things, learning about the fire triangle and investigating what materials are flammable and which aren’t.

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