Year 3 pupils have been learning about Antarctica.  As part of our learning we investigated how animals in Antarctica keep warm using blubber.  We made gloves using vegetable fat and testing them in ice cold water.


We had a visit from some huskies. We learned all about how they are adapted to life in a cold climate. We learned about their lives as working dogs and how they are suited to this.

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Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

Year 3 pupils have been learning about the life cycle of flowering plants. When learning about pollination we dissected a plant to identify its various parts. We also investigated how water is transported through plants by putting flowers in a vase of food colouring and observing what happened.


The Museum of Untold Stories

In January, we were visited by agents from ‘The Museum of Untold Stories’. They assisted us in exploring ideas for stories. We invented characters, settings and exciting events for our stories which we wrote about later in class. This led to some really high quality writing.

Human Body

Year 3 pupils have been learning about the human body. We have learned about the skeleton and muscles and why they are important. We learned about the heart, its function in the body and conducted an investigation into what effects heart rate. As part of our science work they also got the chance to investigate a sheep’s heart so that they could identify some of the features we had been learning about.


We have been learning about healthy foods and what makes a healthy meal. We tasted and evaluated soups. We made our own soups and wrote some recipes. We read the story of stone soup and wrote our own version of this classic tale.



Our half term 2 theme was ‘Light’. In yr3 pupils enjoyed participating in a drama workshop where they were involved in creating shadows to retell the story of Divali.  In the afternoon this lead onto pupils working in small groups to make their own puppets to retell parts of the same story.


Henry Matisse

Yr 3 have learned about the life and works of the famous artist ‘Henry Matisse’.  They have been inspired by his art work and as a result  have created their own beautiful art pieces. They also have used their computing skills to present what they have learned.


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