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Construction of the Art Curriculum

Art Intent

At Newby our Art curriculum has been designed to expose children to a rich and varied diet. Pieces range from those which are well-known such as Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso through to less-well known pieces that are more topical, such as the work of Helen Zughaib. Rather than simply recreating famous pieces, children are encouraged to reflect on the message of each piece and the skills required. By doing so children develop a deep knowledge and understanding which they can then use to create their own reimagined or completely unique piece of work. Skills and concepts are ‘interleaved’ across each year and across key stages so that learning in Art is truly embedded in the long term memory. 

Ambition of the Curriculum:

At Newby Primary, we recognise the vital role of art and design in allowing curiosity, creativity and self –expression to develop alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills. In creating a wide range of products and artwork, these skills can then transfer to other areas of the curriculum. Year on year, our curriculum introduces every member of our school community to a wide range of art and artists, including those from different periods and cultures. This in turn creates world citizens with an understanding of how art impacts and enhances societies and our surroundings. High priority is given to opportunities for discussion, commentating on what we have seen, and talking through ideas and plans for our own work. Every year, there is a clear progression of skills, which build on prior learning – such as use of tools and techniques with increasing mastery.

Our learning experiences in Art aim to develop long term, memorable knowledge, concepts and skills which can be applied flexibly. As the children progress through the school, the skills and techniques develop with them and are built upon year upon year. This is also supported by the studying of different artists whose work reflects different skills in a variety of media. The curriculum is structured in such a way that children have the opportunity to engage in skills-focused sessions in regular and often repeated sessions. This is to ensure learning is embedded in to the long term.

Art Content
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