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Reception - An Overview

Welcome to the Reception page. Reception is such a fun place to be in school. We learn through play and, most importantly, begin the exciting journey of learning to read. 

Class teachers: RGreen - Miss Love.  RBlue - Miss Lyness

Support staff: Miss F Khan, Miss Bibi (AM), Miss A Khan (PM), Miss Nelson (PM), Miss Ali, 

We know that parents have not had an opportunity to come in to school to look around the classroom so we have put together a short gallery of images which showcase our classroom space. 

Scroll down to see highlights of the year as they unfold. The most recent information will be at the top of the page with previous terms further down. 

All of our curriculum newsletters can be found here as they are written. 

Reception - Term One- Curriculum Highlights

WOW! What an amazing first term in school. We have enjoyed making new friends and learning together as we explore exciting opportunities in our classroom. For lots of us it was our first term at Newby Primary School so we've also enjoyed learning about our Newby values. We are already becoming more kind, more confident and more successful. 

Term One has been full of lots of exciting learning opportunities.

Literacy: We have learnt all of our Phase 2 sounds this term. We are enjoying reading books and beginning to write words and captions. We have enjoyed reading the books from the Reception Reading spine too. 

Maths: We've spent lots of time in Maths learning all about numbers to 5. We have learnt how to write numbers and how to represent them in different ways. We've also learnt what one more and one less is and also thought about some of our number bonds. 


We've learnt so much about where we live, both locally and nationally and about our planet and how we can look after it. We enjoyed our first school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife park and learnt lots about different animals that live in our wonderful world. 

Understanding the World: This term we have explored the topic 'My House, My Street, My City' and then 'Our Country, Our World, Our Universe'. We enjoyed talking to our new friends about where we lived and the different family members who live with us. We also enjoyed learning about the different kinds of houses people might live in. We enjoyed finding out more about Bradford and all the different kinds of people who live in Bradford. We went out for lots of walks in our local area to spot key features like houses, roads, shops as well as finding out about different places of worship. When we learnt about our country, we found out lots about our capital city, London as well as thinking about our country's flag and some famous people who live in our country too. During our focus on the world and the universe we thought about all the different plants and animals that live on our planet. We also thought about why they might live in certain places. Our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park helped us to find out about these animals. We even got to touch some! 

Expressive Arts and Design: This term we have enjoyed looking at the work of Roger Hargreaves who wrote and illustrated the Mr Men and Little Miss books. Did you know he was born in Cleckheaton which is just down the road! Some of us have Aunties and Uncles who live there too. We enjoyed thinking about Primary colours and some of us had a go at creating our own piece. We also enjoyed looking at the painting 'Starry Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. We have learnt lots of new skills which we can use to make our own art work. 

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