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Year Three - an Overview

Welcome to the Year Three page.

Class teachers: 3Green - Miss Allen & Miss Black  3 Blue - Mrs Webber

Support staff: Mrs Khan & Miss Pandor

We know that parents have not had an opportunity to come in to school to look around the classroom so we have put together a short gallery of images which showcase our classroom space. 

Scroll down to see highlights of the year as they unfold. The most recent information will be at the top of the page with previous terms further down. 

All of our curriculum newsletters can be found here as they are written. 

Classroom Environment

Year 3 - Curriculum Highlights - Autumn Term 2021

This term, our topic has been 'Invader or Immigrant? What's the difference?'

In History we have learnt about the Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. We were tasked by an Iron Age wise-man to find out about the invaders and report back. They gave us symbols to look in to and asked how the invaders would change Britannia. 

In Geography we have learnt about the countries that make up Europe. We thought about some of the key physical features. We thought about how the features of Europe are the same and how they are different. We were tasked by a Museum curator to create a 'Museum of Europe' to inform others abotu the wonders across Europe. 

In Music we have been excited to start learning how to play the recorder. We each have our own recorder to take home and practice. We have also listened to music from 'The Windrush Generation'. We've explored where the music comes from and thought about why the music might be written as it is. 

In Art we have looked at the art work of Helen Zughaib. Helen is a Syrian refugee and much of her artwork portrays the story of refugees. We have talked about how the artwork is created and also what message it is communicating. 

In RE we have learnt about places of worship, specifically those in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. We have thought about where these buildings are found.

In PSHE we have talked about how to stay safe online. We've also thought about rules and why we have to keep them. 

In Science we have thought about light and shadow. We've done some scientific investigations in to when shadows change and thought about why this might be the case. We've also looked at Rocks, Soils and Fossils. We were introduced to fossils by the world famous, Mary Anning. She tasked us with the challenge to find out more about fossils and present this for others. 

In Computing we have explored algorithms, built programmes that have a specific function and purpose based on different inputs. We're enjoying exploring 'Scratch' more in our computing lessons.

In DT we have used net structures to create our own boats. We've learnt how nets allow us to make a 3D shape into something that can be dismantled easily. 

Year 3 - Trips and Visits - Autumn Term 2021

As part of our work on 'Invader or Immigrant' we looked at the Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. We had an amazing day out at Murton Park learning about life as a Roman soldier.

We used our historical enquiry skills to explore different sources and asked questions to find out what each source told us. We had fun dressing up as Roman Soldiers and 'manning the baricades' at a pretend Roman Fort.

Some of us also went on residential to Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall. We went to the Roman Army museum and to Vindolanda. This first-hand experience allowed us to find out more about the Romans. 

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