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Year Two - An Overview

Welcome to the Year Two page.

Class teachers: 2Green - Miss Hussain.   2 Blue - Miss Tariq

Support staff: Miss Begum and Mrs Yaqoob

We know that parents have not had an opportunity to come in to school to look around the classroom so we have put together a short gallery of images which showcase our classroom space. 

Scroll down to see highlights of the year as they unfold. The most recent information will be at the top of the page with previous terms further down. 

All of our curriculum newsletters can be found here as they are written. 

Classroom Environment

Year 2 - Curriculum Highlights - Autumn Term 2021

This term, our topic has been 'What is Power?'

In History we have learnt about Queen Elizabeth II. We also learnt about lots of other famous monarchs from British history. We enjoyed putting the Kings and Queens on a timeline in chronological order. We also enjoyed finding out about Michael Faraday and his inventions. We have learnt about the word 'significant' in the context of History. 

In Geography we have learnt about 'seats of power' across the United Kingdom. We know that the United Kingdom is made up of four nations and can tell you the names of the capital cities. We were amazed to find out that 'England' is the name for one of the countries but not for the entire United Kingdom. 

In Music we have listened to composers who have created powerful music. We've talked about how music has a powerful effect on how we feel. 

In Art we have looked at the work of Barbara Hepworth. We were amazed to find out that Barbara comes from Wakefield which is just down the road from where we live. We had lots of fun at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. We also had great fun making our own sculpture park. 

In RE we have thought about things that are special, both to us as people but also in the different religions. We have also thought about special people and whether someone being special to us also makes them powerful. 

In PSHE we have learnt about powerful relationships, how we can become better friends and how we can help others. We have also thought about how we name powerful emotions and how we can begin to 'self-regulate'. 

In Science we have learnt about energy. We thought about electricity and how this powers things but also how we get electricity. We have begun to think about renewable energy. 

We also thought about a balanced diet and other ways to stay healthy. In order for us to feel 'powerful' we need to stay healthy. 

In Computing we have learnt some simple algorithms. 

In DT we have made vehicles. We've thought about different ways to power vehicles without a main engine. We learnt about axels and wheels. 

Year 2 - Trips and Visits - Autumn Term 2021

As part of our work on 'What is Power?' we looked at Powerful structures and the work of local artist Barbara Hepworth. We had a fun day out to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. 

We used our observational drawing skills to sketch some of the sculptures as we looked for inspiration for our own work.

We had also planned to go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park but didn't manage to get there because of the weather. We're hoping to go in the New Year. 

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