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Character Development

Leader in Me

Our vision at Newby is that children and adults are supported and encouraged to become 'future leaders' who are kind, confident and successful. Leaders of themselves, leaders of the community and leaders of the wider world.

It is important that we all understand what this means. We spend time to ensure that everyone understands that this vision is not about everyone becoming the next Prime Minister or CEO. However, it is about making sure everyone, regardless of ability, race, gender, socio-economic groups and so on, believes they have the autonomy and skills to make their own choices.

Everything we do from the subjects and topics we teach, our approach to behaviour, our extra-curricular opportunities and curriculum enrichment are underpinned by our passion to seeing our vision to reality. 

As part of this we are beginning to implement 'The Leader in Me' principles. These are based on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. 

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