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Year 6 - An Overview

Welcome to the Year Six page.

Class teachers: 6Green - Mr Bolland.  6Blue - Miss Miah 

6Turquoise- Miss Gadd

Support staff: Mr Bradshaw     Mrs Bibi

We know that parents have not had an opportunity to come in to school to look around the classroom so we have put together a short gallery of images which showcase our classroom space. 

Scroll down to see highlights of the year as they unfold. The most recent information will be at the top of the page with previous terms further down. 

All of our curriculum newsletters can be found here as they are written. 

Classroom Environment

Year 6 - Curriculum Highlights - Autumn 2021

This term our topic has been 'With great power comes great responsibility: what does this mean for leadership?'

In History we have learnt about the British Empire. We've thought about how the British Empire led many of our families to emigrate to Britain from Pakistan and India. We have thought about things that make us proud to be British and things that the British Empire caused or created which we're not proud of. 

In Geography we have looked at the Geography of the British Empire. We've also thought about how people in power often make decisions which affect the human and physical Geography of a place. 

In Art we looked at the artwork of Banksy. We discussed opinions towards Graffiti art. We also talked about how art gives people a platform. We linked this back to our work on Bob and Roberta Smith in Year Five. 

In PSHE we have discussed how to keep safe online. We've also thought about how difference makes a society or culture greater. 

In Science we looked at electricity and built electrial circuits. This linked to our DT work.

In DT we enjoyed making 'Buzz the Wire' games. We designed courses that were trickier than others for a range of different people. 

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