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Year Five - An Overview

Welcome to the Year Five page.

Class teachers: 5Green - Mr Hall  5Blue - Miss Begum

Support staff: Mrs Drake, Mrs Socha and Miss Iqbal

We know that parents have not had an opportunity to come in to school to look around the classroom so we have put together a short gallery of images which showcase our classroom space. 

Scroll down to see highlights of the year as they unfold. The most recent information will be at the top of the page with previous terms further down. 

All of our curriculum newsletters can be found here as they are written. 

Classroom Environment

Year 5 - Curriculum Highlights - Autumn Term 2021

This term our topic has been 'Who decides what's right or wrong?'

In History we received a mysterious suitcase containing a variety of objects. As we investigated we discovered many of these objects linked back to Bradford. This led us to think about how Bradford has changed over time and how Sir Titus Salt had an impact on this. We also thought about the industrial revolution and how children's rights have changed over time too. 

In Geography we have thought about land use and the distribution of resources. We've looked at the different land use across Bradford and the UK. We also considered how planning applications are approved or declined and considered why this might be the case. We learnt the phrase Green Belt and Brown belt. 

In Art we looked at the artwork of Bob and Roberta Smith. They engage in protest art and use art as a way to challenge what people believe to be 'right or wrong'. We enjoyed exploring how to create our own font and also created our own piece of protest art. 

In PSHE we have discussed rules and whose responsibility it is to follow them. We've also considered the different rules we follow in different places e.g. e-safety rules, fire safety rules and so on. 

In Science we have looked at changes. We have thought about change in humans and animals as we grow from young to adults. We also looked at how materials can change. We linked this to our DT. 

We also thought about mixing ingredients together and learnt the terms dissolving and filtering. We also carried out investigations to determine whether temperature affected how quickly something could dissolve. 

In Computing we have learnt some simple algorithms as well as how to debug an algorithm when it's not worked correctly. 

In DT we enjoyed doing baking. We carried our surveys to find out what people enjoyed the most before we made our own jam tarts and strudle. 

Year 5 - Trips and Visits - Autumn Term 2021

As part of our work in History we enjoyed a trip to Saltaire. We explored the local area and considered how it was developed during the Industrial revolution.

We further explored the industrial revolution on our visit to Thwaites Watermill. This experience showed us how the industrial revolution was possible. It also linked with our Geography work on sustainability and land use.

We also enjoyed a visit to Bradford cathedral. Many of us did not know this building even existed. The people there talked to us about the building. 

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