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Admissions for children who have a Special Educational Need or Disability

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Newby Primary School prides itself as being an inclusive school. We have many facilities which allow us to cater for a variety of needs. These include facilities such as:

1. Hygiene room with height adjustable bed and hoist.

2. Disabled Toilet with hoist.

3. A calming approach to classroom environments which remove unnecessary distraction.

4. Staff who are trained in Manual Handling approaches.

5. Large, open-plan classrooms with large corridor spaces. 

Further details of how we intend to improve our environment can be found on our Accessibility Plan. A link is here.

Further details of the admissions arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils or pupils who have a special educational need, can be found in our Admissions Arrangement document. 

Further information and help can be found in the DfE guidance on admissions. 

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